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Madagascar Hissing Roach

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Order: Insecta
Family: Blaberidae
Genus: Gromphadorhina
Species: portentosa


Photo by Author
Photo by Author

These cockroaches have been a big hit in the pet trade over the last few years. From becoming pets to feeders for large arachnids and reptiles, these guys have made their mark. These are the largest species of cockroach originating from Madagascar off the coast of Africa. They are wingless, but they're excellent climbers and can scale glass easily.

The name "hissing cockroach" is from their ability to force air through their spiracles, or "breathing pores" in their abdomen.

These roaches are completely harmless to humans and very non-aggressive.


Easy. These are a low maintenance insect.

Basic Info


Range from 40-78mm (1 and 3/4 to 3+inches). Females most commonly reach seventy millimeters while males are normally much smaller. Most males are said to not measure over 50mm. Larger specimens are due to obesity. The more common smaller male size is partly due to inbreeding because small males become adults more quickly and mate sooner.


1 to 3 years


Some people do keep these as pets and they are easily handled. They're large size and lack of nervous behavior makes them a favorite creepy-crawly.


I use a 69 quart plastic sterlite tub. I cut part of the lid out and fasten metal screening to it using liquid nail or hot glue, for ventilation. I put a 2 inch strip of bug stop, vaseline, or olive oil around the top of the bin. Replace every 1 to 3 months or when it dries up. I places egg cartons in there for hiding. Make sure there is enough hiding ares so males won't be too territorial.


None needed. I put a layer of alfalfa pellets along the bottom in case some don't get to eat much.


80 to 90 F. They higher the temp the faster they breed and the quicker they grow.


Around 50%, to achieve this mist the mist of the enclosure about 2 to 3 times a week.


None needed.



I feed them commercial roach and cricket feed. I also add some fresh greens 3 times a week. Greens would include collard and mustard. I also offer them dog food.


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I give them water gel, so the water doesn't spoil.



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Roaches are better than crickets. Cause they breed faster, don't smell and live longer.




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