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  1. Type the page name in the search box above the Navigation menu.
  2. The search results will return "There is no page titled ...".
  3. Click the "You can create this page." link.
  4. Copy/paste the Template layout from the edit view.


  • You can edit the entire page with the "Edit" link at the upper left.
  • Or you can edit a specific section with the "Edit" link next to that section.



Headings are to be placed on their own line with == on either side.

== Heading ==

Sub headings denoted with an extra =.

=== Sub Heading ===


Bulleted lists are entered with a * starting each line. For each sub level add an additional *. For example

* Point 1
** Sub point 1
** Sub point 2
* Point 2

Number lists are formatted exactly like bulleted lists, except you use a # instead of a *.

# Point 1
## Sub point 1
## Sub point 2
# Point 2


While editing the page on the edit menu bar you will see the embedded image button. Clicking it will insert


Change the name to something descriptive. It does not need to match the filename of the picture on your computer. I recommend making it a thumbnail by adding |thumb at the end.


Now save the page. Notice the link where you picture should be. Clicking on the link will bring you to an upload form. Now you can "Browse" for the picture on your computer. After you select it click the "Upload File" button.


To link to another wiki page enclose the page name in [[ ]].

[[Bearded Dragon]]

To link to an external page use the format url description enclosed in [ ]

[ The Reptile File]
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